Standard Tuning Fee: $110.00 (90 minutes)

Standard tuning presumes a regularly maintained, "at-pitch" piano.

Pitch Raise Fee: $55.00 (45 minutes)

When a piano has drifted significantly from pitch, a pitch raise must be rendered prior to tuning. In some cases more than one pitch raise may be required before a stable fine tuning is possible.

Additional Fee for "Special" Pianos: $75.00 (1 hour)

Some pianos require a considerable amount of extra time in order to disassemble and reassemble before and after tuning. These include "box" or "square" grands, "birdcage" or "overdamper" uprights and player pianos as well as other peculiarities.

Voicing, Regulation and Repair:

Billed hourly.

Refinishing, Rebuilding and Transportation:

This work is estimated per job in consultation with our supply and service partners.

Travel Allowance:

I'm pleased to travel up to 25 kilometers from my home base in Pickering. Beyond that an additional 0.50$ per kilometer is added to the invoice.

Hourly Rate and Labour Cost Policy:

My hourly labour rate reflects, to the best of my knowledge, the median rate for professionally trained service workers in the greater Toronto area. (Automotive mechanic shop labour is typically between $90 and $100 per hour). My current labour rate is $75.00 per hour.

All set fees, work order estimates and actual labour charges are established in reference to the "G" Piano Works Repair Labour Guide.
The "G" Piano Works Repair Labour Guide is the only labour guide published for the piano service industry and insures fairness for both technician and piano owner.